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    Revolutionize Learning


    Blended AI & Classroom Experience

    A comprehensive approach to Math learning for Schools, Teachers & Students

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    We empower minds with our holistic approach

    AI Educator is specifically designed to cater to the needs of school administrators, principals, and investors who are passionate about transforming education.

    Personalised Learning & Teaching

    For Students & Teacher

    AI-driven data analysis to track each student progress and highlight their gaps. It also helps teachers understand performance & progress for each class, chapter & student to make informed teaching decisions

    Comprehensive Learning

    Know- Understand & Apply Math

    Enabling students to master with a practice first approach and helping students identify important concepts, formulas & methodologies.

    Mindful Holistic Development

    Personalized, AI-driven, well-rounded education

    Emphasize our ecosystem’s fusion of personalized learning, AI-driven support, and visual aids to shape not just skilled students, but well-rounded individuals.

    Accessible Anywhere

    Math Learning, Anytime, Anywhere

    Learn math conveniently with 24/7 access, adapting to your schedule and pace.

    Blending AI & Classroom Experience

    Our platform is more than a math learning tool; it’s a comprehensive practice solution that uses advanced artificial intelligence. Our algorithm adjusts to student choices and provides personalised learning paths, identifying areas where they need additional support. This information helps teacher create personalised learning experiences for each student.

    80% of learning outcomes come from 20% of the curriculum

    Important concepts, formulas and methodologies in each chapter required to ace math.


    Teacher Insights

    Teachers have access to detailed report of class performance and individual student performance with AI insights that help them address weak topics.

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    AI Educator for Schools

    Transform Your School with AI Educator

    Solutions we offer

    Enable your students
    Enhanced Learning Outcomes

    Our platform revolutionizes the way students grasp mathematical concepts. By identifying individual knowledge gaps and tailoring learning journeys, we empower schools to witness significant improvements in student understanding and performance.

    Enable your students
    Efficient Resource Allocation

    With our platform, schools optimize resource allocation by providing targeted support to students who need it most. By addressing specific knowledge gaps, schools can ensure that both time and resources are utilized effectively, leading to better overall learning outcomes.

    Enable your teachers
    Personalised & Meaningful Teaching

    Personalised Chapter, Topic & Assignment level insights for each student that help teachers make informed decisions

    Enable your students
    Targeted Support

    Identify student weaknesses promptly, allowing for personalized assistance to foster growth and mastery.

    AI Educator for Teachers

    Transform Your School with AI Educator

    Solutions we offer

    Enable your teachers
    Time Saving tools

    Teachers can save valuable time by utilizing our platform’s automated assessment and feedback tools. This allows educators to focus on addressing specific needs, designing engaging lessons, and providing personalized support.

    Enable your students
    Performance Insights

    Our platform equips teachers with valuable insights into student performance, helping them identify areas where individual or whole-class intervention is needed. This data-driven approach enhances instructional planning and delivery.

    Effortless Assessments

    Create and assign tasks swiftly—homework, tests, and practice—with minimal clicks, maximizing teaching time.

    Customized Practice

    AI-driven questions adapt to students’ weak areas, offering focused practice for efficient improvement.

    AI Educator for Students

    Transform Your School with AI Educator

    Solutions we offer

    Enable your students
    Personalized Learning

    Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all education. Our AI-powered platform tailors learning experiences to each student’s strengths and weaknesses, ensuring that they receive content relevant to their needs, thereby boosting confidence and motivation.

    Enable your students
    Filling Knowledge Gaps

    We help students bridge the gaps in their understanding, building a solid foundation in math. By targeting specific concepts that need reinforcement, our platform empowers students to tackle advanced topics with ease.

    Progressive Challenges

    Gradually increasing exercise difficulty cultivates achievement and a growth mindset. Our varied levels of difficulty support struggling students in improvement, while even the brightest learners can attain mastery.

    Visual Summaries

    Mind maps aid review, memory, and confidence for tests with quick visual overviews.

    Empowering Teachers,
    Enabling Students

    Empower your teachers, transform learning. Request a demo today and experience the AI Educator difference. Contact our sales team for a journey towards holistic growth in education.

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    Neha Sharma

    St. Xavier’s High School, Mumbai

    “This platform’s AI made math a breeze. It’s like having a patient digital tutor who’s available 24/7 to guide me through problems!”

    Raj Patel

    Delhi Public School, Ahmedabad

    “AI-powered science lessons are nothing short of amazing! It’s like Mr. Joshi’s expertise distilled into a digital format. I’m genuinely impressed!”

    Aisha Khan

    Kendriya Vidyalaya, Bengaluru

    “The way this platform’s AI dissects literature is awe-inspiring. It’s like having a personal guide to help me appreciate classic literature like never before.

    Arjun Verma

    The Doon School, Dehradun

    “AI cricket coaching here is highly motivating. Coach Singh, virtually, rocks! The AI-led training takes our game to a whole new level.”

    Priya Mehta

    Modern School, New Delhi

    “The AI mentor on this platform has been instrumental in honing my art skills. It’s a must for aspiring artists like me. Thanks for helping me refine my craft!”

    Rohit Gupta

    Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Lucknow

    “Being a part of the AI-led environmental science club has been an incredible eco-journey. It’s a fun and interactive way to learn. Thumbs up!”

    Blending AI & Classroom Experience

    Our platform is more than a math learning tool; it’s a comprehensive practice solution that uses advanced artificial intelligence.